by Spiros Kraniotakis

The most important Elxis features.

Elxis is a powerful and rich CMS having many of the features you will need for your site built-in. You can extend more Elxis by installing additional extensions. This article lists the most important Elxis features you will find built-in.

  • High quality object oriented programming in PHP5 (ready for PHP6).
  • PDO database layer
  • Multiligual user interface and content.
  • Mobile and tablet friendly version.
  • External authentication methods like Twitter, Gmail, OpenId, etc...
  • Extendable and configurable user groups and permissions.
  • Elxis Defender, Security Level, SSL/TLS, encryption and other security related features.
  • Problem notification (automatic email notifications to site's technical manager on security alerts, fatal errors, and more).
  • File and APC cache.
  • Small footprint
  • Multi-sites support
  • Right-To-Left languages support.
  • Sub-categories of any level.
  • Multi-functional articles and categories.
  • Built-in commentary system.
  • RSS/ATOM feeds per category.
  • APIs for all core features makes developer work extremely easy.
  • Open search - search through your browser's search box.
  • Multiple supported doctypes - XHTML 5, HTML 5, XHTML 1.1 tranditional, XHTML 1.1 strict.
  • Mobile ready
  • Custom exit pages (page not found, forbidden, error, etc)
  • Extendable search system (search for content, images, videos, and more).
  • Image galleries
  • Contact forms
  • Multi-level suckerfish style menus.
  • Highly configurable category and article pages.
  • jQuery ready.
  • Site traffic statistics.
  • Highly configurable frontpage.
  • Easy and powerful internal linking system and search engine friendly URLs (Elxis URIs).
  • One-click extension install/update/un-install.
  • Elxis repository
  • Powerful templating system for the site's frontend and backend sections.
  • Visitors can display dates based on their own location.
  • Automatic generation and expansion of menus for components.
  • Performance monitor
  • System debug with many report levels.
  • One-click complete file system and database backup.
  • System logs (logging errors, security alerts, install/update/un-install actions, and more).
  • WYSIWYG editor with many features like spell checker, image uploading, styling, and more
  • Media manager
  • Translations manager
  • FTP support
  • UTF-8 support
  • Users central, members list and rich user profile.
  • Custom icon packages
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